An Overview of Our First Few Months of Indoor Gardening

When we moved to our first house together as a family, we were very excited with the prospect of being able to have beautiful flowers in the garden and growing fruit and veg. Living in a flat, that too on the upper floor can take its toll. It’s easy to lose touch with nature. That being said, we didn’t realise we would quickly end up with a whole host of indoor plants too.

We did have some experience of indoor plants in the early days of living in a flat. After reading about plants being good for the air indoors, we purchased a good variety including the famous Peace Lilly. However it was our total lack of knowledge and over watering that resulted in all plants not lasting at all, except the Spider Plant.

After many years without any plants, we found ourselves purchasing a Peace Lilly in one of the garden nursery sales. This time we were more equipped. Here we will share our experiences with the different indoor plants we have accumulated.

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